Engineeius™ Management Staff

Behind every successful concept stands a great team! We are privileged to have a young team passionate about STEM, passionate about making a difference and passionate about working with kids and youth to develop them.

A well-defined, solid structure enhances communication and maintains a strong learning environment for our young learners. The Engineeius™ team provides all the necessary tools and materials needed to enhance the children’s learning experience. The Engineeius™ team also provides the information system and technology necessary to aid management achieve its full potential.

Our team comes with different STEM experiences and backgrounds. They get certified on our method and are constantly mentored and developed to deliver an unforgettable positive experiences for out young learners.

Engineeius™ ensures to bring the best in order to achieve the best, for quality yields in more quality.

Engineeius™ Program Instructors

The certification of instructors includes a core training and programs endorsement. While the core training focuses on the delivery, administrative aspects and dealing with kids and teens, the programs’ endorsement focuses on the technical aspect of each program and the educational concepts behind it.

To ensure the best and high quality delivery of Engineeius™ programs, each of our instructors goes through the rigorous Engineeius™ Certification Program to become a qualified Engineeius™ Instructor.

Engineeius™ Program Development Team

One of Engineeius™ success factors in developing its programs is that it ensures to gather all parties when developing a program: project manager, subject matter experts, members with engineering and science backgrounds, instructional designers, teachers, parents, and children of different age. To ensure efficiency and quality of the new programs, Engineeius™ tests all its programs before launching it to the public.