The Engineeius™ Class Experience:

The Engineeius™ delivery methodology is based in the best practices. Moreover, it is established through the vision of educators and teachers from around the world in areas of curriculum design, curriculum development, teaching STEM to kids and teens, and 21st Century Skills

We combined best practices from research, our 25+ years practical experience and educators’ vision; and we included the latest technology and child educational theory to provide an unmatched STEM learning experience. We constantly test the method and re integrate the feedback.

Highlighs of the Engineeius™ Method:

  • We apply the engineering design process.
  • We challenge the kids to solve real-life challenges.
  • We create a positive motivating environment that encourages the love of science.
  • We encourage everyone to participate.
  • We help our students build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • We embed the 21st Century Skills in our activities.
  • We encourage the positive use of technology.