STEM Scholarship

The STEM Scholarships (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are to honor the legacy Rady chose which is to continue to empower children to learn key skills they will need to keep up with the ever-changing needs of our workforce, and be the engineers of tomorrow.

Why STEM?STEM Scholarship

The world is constantly changing, and technology is becoming a core part of our daily life. Future careers will rely heavily on STEM and 21st century skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, etc.

STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Math) jobs are the highest in demand and among the highest-paid globally. A trend that is likely to grow. Tens of thousands of young kids will – unfortunately – miss on opportunities in STEM because they did not have access to an inspiring STEM learning experience that encourages them to pursue studies and careers in the domains of STEM.

Rady Fahmy STEM Exploration Scholarship aims to:

• Help 10 children explore the wonderful world of STEM.

• Inspire them to learn more about STEM and STEM careers.

• Encourage them to inspire other children in their circle to do the same.

• Empower them with the basic skills, knowledge, and attitude they need to pursue a successful career in STESTAM ScholarshipM.

Rady Fahmy’s Scholarship Details

• All courses will be online.

• All courses will be fully funded.

• Duration of training is 1 year from the start date.

• Participants have a choice of 6 to 10 training programs.

• Individual program duration is 1 month delivered over 4 weekends.

• Summer internships will be offered for participants in relevant areas.

• Success talk series will also be offered to participants and their colleagues.
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Who is Eligible?

• Teens aged 12-15

• Passion for technology and engineering

• Keen to learn and inspire others

• Committed to attend the full range of courses.

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