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Kids made it blossoming, appealing and fascinating! They stole hearts during the big day, and finally their hard work has paid off. They collaborated, put hands in hands and stood together as one team.

The highlight of 2017 will definitely go to Smart-X “Autopilot” competition; for all the efforts that have been put into it, all the dedication and the sleepless nights that made this competition stand out.
About Smart-X
Smart-X is a unique opportunity for young students to explore the world of smart devices and learn not just how to use them! But also how to design and implement them to create new solutions and apply new technologies in a fun, educational and challenging environment.

Youngsters from ages 9 to 15 years old come together and form teams of 5 to 7 members to take part in Smart-X. Each year they face a different challenge that simulates a real-life world issue.

Team members have to work together to innovate and produce a working model that can provide a solution that can solve the challenge at hand while also convince the judges to fund their project.


Smart-X aims to create a challenging environment, where teams are encouraged to design and execute engineering projects that have positive impact on humanity.


Smart-X “Autopilot” Competition of 2017
This year of the Smart-X competition, teams were required to design and produce an Autonomous (self-driving) vehicle that can navigate a pre-set city map with ease and efficiency without any safety hazards, with regards to environmental and pollution challenges.

The Smart-X Autopilot challenge mat included different missions that combined complex functions and basic features the prototype needs to solve. The solutions had to overcome different traffic challenges by successfully detecting its surroundings and the performing the correct maneuvers to bypass it.6

Challenges that the teams’ prototypes navigated were to acquire points and prove product functionality. In addition, challenges were mapped on a miniature model of a town that has an active railroad line.

Over three rounds, teams competed to solve the mat challenges to win the competition and the highest scoring round points were awarded to competing teams.

Team members worked together to innovate and produce a working model that provided a solution that can solve the challenge at hand while also convince the judges to fund their project.

Coming to the investment & innovation part, participants were asked to 7
research about the problems and obstacles related to the auto-driving industry and to develop innovative solutions in the form of mini-models that can be implemented. Moreover, children were trained on how to present and discuss their inventions in front of a judges’ & investors committee, in which the winning team is announced based on the committee’s highest evaluation of the team.

This year’s competition took place on the 24th of November, 2017 at the premises of Ain Shams University, in the presence of many public figures in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as investors, experts and technical professors.

15 teams participated & competed within the competition for the top 3 place winners. Top winners received a cash fund sponsored by EngineeiusTM in order to complete the construction & development of their projects. In the first place came the team named “Brainiacs”, the second place winners were “Musion” & in the third place came “Smart Spirits” team.


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